The Tin Girl


Watching my children shine doing something they love is one of the greatest joys of parenthood for me.  Seeing my daughter up on stage, singing, acting and dancing in front of a packed house is magical.  The confidence, strength and  passion she exudes fills me with such deep pride that I cry every time she is on stage.  Not a lot-  just a tear or two, but I can’t help it.  I know how hard she has worked to learn her lines, blocking and choreography.  I know how much she loves every minute of it.  She makes it look easy and effortless- the true sign of mastery in my opinion.  I also know that despite all the things she learns in school on a daily basis, this is what she will remember most.  Being up on stage, with her friends, performing.


9 thoughts on “The Tin Girl

  1. Welcome to our writing community!

    My daughter is six and has been on stage a handful of times. I understand that parental pride you’re describing. There’s something about little kids and their lack of fear that is admirable.


  2. And with one blog, you journey begins! I worry and fret and pick at my blog, 389 blogs in! 🙂 Your daughter must enjoy the performing arts! My own daughter loves to sing, so it’s with a sense of pride that I watch her each and every time. Too soon, it will all be done, and I’ll be left with my bumbling along, so I cherish each song, no matter how loud!

    Thank you for sharing your first slice with us! 🙂


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